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CPT-Converter for Converting CPT Data Formats

Over the years many different data for electrical CPT(U) cone penetration tests have emerged. Various manufacturers and users of cone penetration equipment have developed their own data format.

Nowadays, 3 major data formats for CPT data files remain, i.e.:

  • Gouda-Geo / Geopoint / GeoMil 0 & 1 files
  • APB Gorilla® files
  • GEF files (General Exchange Format)

Sometimes you receive CPT data supplied from 3rd parties that you can’t process with your own CPT processing software. The data format is not accepted. CPT-Converter can help you out. It is a simple yet effective software which enables you to convert above mentioned data formats into eachother, so:

  • GEF files ► Gorilla® files
  • Gorilla® files ► GEF files
  • 0 & 1 files ► Gorilla® files
  • Gorilla® files ► 0 & 1 files
  • GEF files ► 0 & 1 files
  • 0 & 1 files ► GEF files

CPT-Converter allows you to convert fast and easy batches of CPT data files into another format.