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Gouda Geo-Equipment BV
Gouda Geo-Equipment BV
Gouda Geo-Equipment BVGouda Geo-Equipment BV

Sales Conditions

All sales are subject to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Payment, registered under number 28099313 at Kamer van Koophandel Den Haag (NL). We recommend you to browse our General Terms and Conditions upon ordering. Please click on the icon for our General Terms and Conditions in your prefered language:

– General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Payment (Dutch version)

Rental of Equipment

When equipment is rented out, a detailed report will be established on the condition of the hired goods and shipped along with the goods. The goods are to be inspected at arrival by the recipient and a signed copy of the inspection report is to be returned within 24 hours by fax. If such a report is not received within this period, the recipient of the goods is automatically liable for any damage ascertained.

Rental fees and conditions are determined case by case in close deliberation with the client.


Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V. will do its utmost best to satisfy its clients in any respect. Despite our efforts it could happen that a supplied product does not meet your expectations or is defect within the warranty period.

For warranty, please follow the following procedure:

  • Send an E-mail to or send a fax to + 31.715.311.694
  • Make an accurate description of the defect or failure, if possible with pictures (!)
  • Make a reference to the invoice for the goods that are defect
  • Indicate the probable cause of failure

Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V. will indicate how the problem will be solved (either returned, repaired on site by Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V. or by a specialist appointed by Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V.). Goods can only be returned after receipt of “Warranty Return Number” issued by Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V. The owner of the goods pays for all (there and back) shipping cost, packing and document charges involved. Please have a look at the warranty conditions as stated in our << General Sales Conditions >>.

Goods excluded from warranty are wear and tear parts, articles of consumption and specially ordered or manufactured goods.


Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V. reserves the right to change the content of its internet website and catalogues at any time without prior notice. Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V. can not be held liable for any misprints or other mistakes in the content of its product presentations. If you notice a discrepancy in the content of our website or catalogues, please inform us directly by sending an Email to and we will take appropriate action.

Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V. rejects any liability for the content of any third-party websites linked. The links to other websites are to be considered purely as a service to its users and Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V. has no influence what-so-ever on the content and reliability of the linked websites. If you notice an inaccuracy in one of the sites linked, please
inform us immediately.

Privacy Statement

Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V. makes use of information provided by its clients and suppliers and from open sources, like e.g. the internet. Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V. respects your privacy and has therefore established a privacy statement. Please browse our privacy statement for more detailed information.

Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V. issues an information bulletin on a regular base to its clients and contacts. If you are not interested in receiving our bulletins, please send a short Email to and we will remove your details immediately from our mailing list.