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Our CPT products for the international market

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Gouda Geo-Equipment is your reliable Dutch manufacturer for CPT to international clients worldwide. If you are looking for CPT supplies of superior quality, our Dutch business has all the products your international company needs available from stock. As CPT manufacturer, we are always striving towards innovation. Count on our professional CPT instruments to provide you with all the data you need for your next soil investigation projects worldwide. We are a Dutch company, but as an international manufacturer, we deliver our CPT products to over 131 countries worldwide.

We offer any CPT equipment your international company could need

CPT tests are originally a Dutch method, but have grown into a popular way of measuring a variety of soil characteristics and are used worldwide for a broad range of different projects. You can use our geotechnical instruments for both your engineering strategies and a variety of soil investigations. At our company, you can find the following products which help you complete any CPT test with ease:

We are able to deliver these CPT products anywhere worldwide from our Dutch settlement.

The many advantages of CPT

Cone penetration testing has many advantages over different techniques. When you buy your CPT equipment with us as your international manufacturer, you will get access to many benefits, such as:

  • Low-impact measurements
  • A highly mobile way of complete measurements
  • The possibility of in-situ measurements
  • The ability to quickly collect and deliver big data

However, we are not only your CPT manufacturer, we help you with our range of services as well. Count on us to support you anywhere, at any time. Whether you require of in-the-spot assistance or are in need of remote support, we will help you out to the best of our abilities. Gouda Geo-Equipment is your international partner and manufacturer and will deliver anything you need for optimal CPT worldwide.

Contact us for CPT equipment or benefit from our services

Do you wish to use or rent our products for your next project or are you in need of maintenance? Then, please contact our Dutch CPT company and benefit of our specialization in the international market. You can either reach us through phone by calling + 31 (0)715 318 475 or you can send an email to