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Drill Mast for CPT Crawler

The 100, 150 and 200 kN CPT crawlers can also be ordered with a purposely designed drill mast. This drill mast will be mounted on the rear bumper of the rig and is suitable for auger drilling with drill pipes with a length of 1 m.

Hydraulically adjustable feed system of battery weight and pressure thrust on the drill string. The pull-down system is hydraulically powered by means of geared motor and heavy-duty chain. Protective cage mounted on the base of the mast, manual opening and gas spring movement control. Comes complete with end of line switch with blockage of head rotation when the guard is open. Provided with a low speed “Restricted Operating Mode” when the cage is open.

Technical specifications:

  • Up and down speed: max. 25 m/min
  • Pull-up force: max. 45 kN
  • Pull-down force: max. 45 kN
  • Torque high: 6100 Nm @ 65 RPM
  • Torque low: 3050 Nm @ 130 RPM