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Gouda Geo – Geotechnical equipment and instruments

Gouda Geo-Equipment is a Dutch company that is specialized in the design and manufacturing of geotechnical equipment and instruments for soil investigation worldwide, such as:

  • Cone penetration testing trucks and crawlers (onshore)
  • Cone penetration testing toppush rams (nearshore)
  • Digital piezocones, dataloggers and software
  • Geotechnical instruments
  • UXO detection equipment (magnetometer)
  • Dynamic penetration testing equipment

All of our rigs and geotechnical instruments are compliant with the European machinery Directive (2006/42/EG) and the measuring equipment meets all international standards (such as ISO 22476-1, ASTM D5778-12, and alike). We deliver our geotechnical instruments worldwide and we have international clients in over 130 countries all over the world. You can reach us 24/7/365.

Our core values: a down-to-earth attitude, superior quality, innovation and service.

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On-the-spot or remote support when you need it 24/7/365

What do we do

Electrical Repair and Maintenance

Apart from designing and manufacturing equipment, Gouda Geo-Equipment is your partner for repair and general or routine maintenance (i.e. servicing) and even restoring machinery and equipment back to working order. This is to ensure our geotechnical instruments work efficiently worldwide and to prevent breakdown and unnecessary repairs. We will keep your equipment running smoothly in any respect so you can continue your CPT tests.

Mechanical Repair and Maintenance

While we design and manufacture equipment, Gouda Geo-Equipment is also your Dutch CPT partner for repair and general or routine maintenance (i.e. servicing) and even restoring machinery and equipment back to working order (rebuilding or remanufacturing). We help international costumers restore their geotechnical instruments with our worldwide services. This to ensure they work efficiently and safely and to prevent breakdown and unnecessary repairs.

Calibration of Measuring Instruments

All CPT measuring equipment, such as electrical CPT cones, measuring heads, data acquisition systems, and alike needs to be calibrated once in a while (see relevant standards). It helps customers achieve the highest measurement quality and productivity.

Training and Instruction

Job instruction and training are proven techniques for teaching new skills and safe, healthy work habits. It also ensures that the operator has much more confidence in what he does and he therefore works faster and more effectively. All new employees, those who transferred to new, international jobs, and personnel who are not familiar with this kind of CPT soil investigation should receive instruction and training so they know how to handle our geotechnical instruments well.

Supporting clients in 131 countries worldwide


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Our core values: service, quality and innovation

Clients at work

At Gouda-Geo we are very interested to see how you use our products. You can easily send us a photo of your project and we will feature it on our website.