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International Standards for CPT

As an user of CPT penetrometer equipment you’ll have to comply with the official standards for the relevant soil investigation testing procedures.

In order to be of service, we have listed some national and international standards for CPT testing procedures. The list underneath is quite extensive, but by no means complete. We advise you strongly to deliberate at all times with your client and your geotechnical advisors on which geotechnical standard to use for each individual project.

  • NEN 5140:1996 nl Geotechnics. Determination of the cone resistance and the sleeve friction of soil. Electric penetration test.
  • NEN 3680:1982 nl Soil investigation. Static cone penetration tests.
  • BRL 2364 KOMO process certificate for electrical CPT testing
  • NEN-EN 1997-1 Eurocode 7: Geotechnical design – Part 1: General rules
  • Bericht 514-A/50 Static discontinuous cone penetration test with a mechanical cone (CPT-M)
  • Bericht 514-A/51 Static continuous cone penetration test with an electric cone (CPT-E) & CPT-U)
  • DIN 4094-1 Felduntersuchungen; Drucksondierungen
  • NF P94-113 Essai de pénétration statique
  • SGF Report 1:93 E Recommended Standard for Cone Penetration Tests
  • BS 1377:1990 Methods of test for soils for civil engineering purposes.
  • ASTM D3441-86 Deep, quasi-static, cone and friction-cone penetration tests of soil
  • ASTM D5778-95 Performing electronic friction cone and piezocone penetration testing of soils
  • ASTM D3441 Mechanical Cone Penetration Tests of Soil
  • ASTM D5778-12 Performing Electric Friction Cone and Piezocone Penetration Testing of Soils
  • ASTM D6067 Using the Electric Cone Penetrometer for Environmental Site Characterization
  • ГОСТ 19912-2001 ГРУНТЫ
  • NBR 12069/91 Solo – Ensaio de penetração de cone in situ (CPT)
  • ABNT MB 3.406 Solo – Ensaio de penetração de cone in situ (CPT)
  • AS1289. Methods of testing soils for engineering purposes – Soil strength and  consolidation tests – Determination of the static cone penetration resistance of a  soil – Field test using a mechanical and electrical cone or friction-cone  penetrometer.
  • ISSMGE International Reference Test Procedure for the Cone Penetration Test (CPT) and the Cone Penetration Test with pore pressure (CPTU)
  • ISO/DIS 22476-1:2005 Geotechnical investigation and testing – Field testing – Part 1: Electrical cone and piezocone penetration tests
  • ISO 22476-12:2009 Geotechnical investigation and testing – Field testing – Part 12: Mechanical cone penetration test (CPTM)