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200 kN CPT Crawler Delivered to SGS Belgium

Gouda Geo-Equipment BV

SGS is one of the world’s leading companies in inspection, testing and certification. Its Belgium subsidiary has recently taken delivery of a high-end 200 kN crawler-based CPT to extend its CPT capabilities.

SGS operates an extensive fleet of CPT crawlers and trucks manufactured by Gouda-Geo and this rig is the second crawler of this specific design delivered to them. The rig features:

  • Polyurethane protective shoes on the steel tracks
  • Double storage facility for CPT tubes destined for either mechanical or electrical CPT testing
  • Touch-screen controls
  • Wireless remote control
  • Extra-long stabilizing jacks on pivoting arms
  • Storage facility for plastic road plates between the working cabin and engine room
  • Hydraulic push-and-pull clamp for electrical CPT(u)
  • Ground pressure of only 0.39 kg/cm²

The rig is capable to conduct both mechanical as well as electrical CPT(u) tests. The ergonomics and accessories are all designed with high productivity, safety and comfort in mind.

The 200 kN CPT crawler was immediately put into service on a soil investigation job in Oostende at the Belgium coast, where this picture was taken.

We wish operator Lothar many safe and pleasant working days with this new rig. We are convinced the rig is in capable hands!