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350 kN CPT Crawler at Sea

Gouda Geo-Equipment BV

We do not only manufacture onshore, nearshore and offshore equipment, but also shoreline equipment.

Dutch soil investigation specialist Mos Grondmechanica currently carries out cone penetration tests for a project near Rotterdam. For this job they have deployed their Gouda-Geo built 350 kN CPT crawler and the latest digital P15-CFPTxy piezocones with real-time temperature compensation. CPT tests were carried out to a depth of 61 m, reaching a tip resistance of 60 MPa. The favorable geology and the fact that 44 mm CPT tubes were used allowed the operator to complete the CPT test without using any casing tubes.

The jobsite itself is a bit problematic because of tides. The Mos project team was faced with a real challenge and had to juggle with available daylight time and low and high tide. As a result of this temporary sand pedestals were built right on the shoreline. Clever thinking leads to a solution for any given problem.