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Cone Penetration Testing on the Railroad

Gouda Geo-Equipment BV

Today we received a number of pictures from one of our clients, German CPT and drilling specialist Vulhop & Becker. Last year they bought a highly versatile 200 kN CPT penetrometer pusher from us and this week this rig was used for a very special job on the railroad.

The pusher was designed such that it could not only be mounted on the Vulhop & Becker drilling rig, but also on an excavator by means of CW type quick couplings. The CPT pusher derives all its power from the hydraulic system of the drilling rig or excavator, yet requires no modifications to the excavator hydraulics or structure.

The picture shows that the 200 kN CPT pusher, because of its compact dimensions, is ideal for this kind of specialist work (more pictures on our Facebook page).