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New Interior Design CPT Working Cabin

Gouda Geo-Equipment BV

Today was another great day here at Gouda-Geo. We delivered a brand-new Volvo 4×4 based Crawler-Truck to Dutch soil investigation specialist Mos Grondmechanica. Well, that is not 100% true. We actually delivered it to senior CPT operator Huub Bossink. He will operate the rig and he had quite some demands and many many good ideas.

During the sales process our Technical Director Rob Hogervorst and Huub had quite some brainstorm sessions on how to improve the design of the interior of the Crawler-Truck. Huub came up with 5 pages of recommendations. 5 pages with good to very good ideas. The meetings proved to be very fruitful and resulted in many design changes and improvements (see picture).

The working cabin was entirely tailored to Huub’s specifications and features e.g. an extra insulated floor, a lot of storage capacity, air-conditioning, heater, small kitchen with large water tank, a desk, spring-assisted steps, improved design of the tube rack with shutters, out-of-sight storage of the dirty tools, etc. etc.

Huub, congratulations with your new Crawler-Truck. Hope you will used it and enjoy it for many many years. And in case you have any new ideas, you will always find a listening ear here at Gouda-Geo. Thanks for all your input!