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Piezocone CPTu Testing in Dunkerque (FR)

Gouda Geo-Equipment BV

Last week we received this magnificent picture of one of our clients: Dutch soil investigation specialist Lankelma Geotechniek Zuid B.V.

The picture was taken on a soil improvement project in Dunkerque (France).

It concerns the extension of the Flanders Quay (Quai des Flandres). The soil is improved by vibrating needles and gravel columns to ensure the stability of the quay and to protect it against liquefaction. Numerous piezocone CPT tests have been done in order to map the to find the compressible layers.

The job has been executed with a high-end crawler-truck manufactured by Gouda-Geo, using the latest data acquisition equipment and P10CFPTxy piezocones with real-time temperature compensation.