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Replace Exterior Parts Magnetometer Easy

Gouda Geo-Equipment BV

The housing of the magnetometer module is made of a high grade non-magnetic steel. Unfortunately this non-magnetic steel is not as wear-resistant as tempered steel. It is for this reason that the exterior part of a magnetometer wear much quicker that the exterior of e.g. a piezocone.

Since the magnetometer contains a lot of electronics it was not possible that the operator himself would replace the exterior parts. The magnetometer had to be returned to the manufacturer who had the skills and tools to take the instrument apart and to replace the worn exterior parts. A lot of time was lost with shipping and repair. This had a great effect on the continuity of a project.

Not till now!! Gouda-Geo has redesigned the housing of its magnetometer module such, that the operator in the field can replace the exterior parts himself easily. The measuring unit itself is lodged in a separate aluminum tube.

Retrofitting is Possible
Do you have a magnetometer module from another manufacturer? No worries, there is a good chance that you can also have this self-replaceable housing. Please feel free to contact us.