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Towards the Robotization of the CPT Process

Gouda Geo-Equipment BV

We are proud to present the most recent Crawler-Truck we manufactured. It is built on a mighty Volvo FMX-370 with 4×4 drive and provided with a sturdy D3 type crawler undercarriage. But the real innovation is found inside!

The hydraulics and the machine controls are of a completely new design making the Crawler-Truck ready for the future. In first stage this Crawler-Truck will be supplied with the traditional 200 kN pusher. But since we are in the process of developing a reliable and affordable cordless data transmission system, the step towards the robotization of the CPT process is within reach.

This present Crawler-Truck is designed and built with this in mind. So the moment the new cordless data transmission system is ready, the traditional hydraulic pusher will be replaced by a much more advanced pusher with tube handler. This unit also allows for the placing of casing tubes for extra lateral support of the string of CPT tubes.