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Why We Use JCB Diesel Engines

Gouda Geo-Equipment BV

It is a question that quite some clients ask: why are you using JCB diesel engines and not an engine of another leading brand for the CPT crawlers you manufacture? Is it by accident or do you have a reason why you use these engines?

Well, we have some very good reasons why we have decided to use JCB diesel engines for the CPT crawlers. First of all is the JCB engine a very modern engine. During the development of the engine were not only the present exhaust gas emissions taken into consideration, but also the emission regulations that would be implemented in the future. So the base engine is already future-proof and needs very little after-treatment equipment to achieve Tier-3B or Tier-4 regulations. This means that the engine stays compact and that little to none modifications are required to the design of our rigs when the engine manufacturer changes from e.g. Tier-3 to Tier-4; the engine will fit.

The other advantage is, is the fact that the engine was purposely developed for the use in construction machinery, like excavators. This means that all service items like the filters are located at one side of the engine. This makes maintenance so much easier. The mechanic is no longer obliged to climb over the engine anymore to reach for a filter. JCB, the engine we prefer!