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Aluminium Workboat

These sturdy & highly versatile crafts have a multitude of uses for industrial activities on inland and inshore water and are designed for intensive use in robust applications. It has been specifically designed for the working environment.

The double bottom with self-draining deck makes it a safe workboat. The semi-flat hull gives it great stability. The vessel is suitable for carrying both cargo and passengers and is highly manoeuvrable for working in confined environments.

  • Dimensions: 5.00 x 1.85 meter
  • Hull: 4 mm aluminium
  • Weight: approx. 280 kg
  • Self-drained deck
  • Anti-slip floor
  • Double bottom
  • Rubber front fender
  • Fixed aluminium bench at the rear with lockable compartment for tank and battery
  • Rope bollards
  • Engine: Suitable for max. 60 HP long-shaft outboard
  • Front ramp
  • Side fenders
  • Wooden or aluminium benches
  • Overhead frame for lights
  • Towing eyes
  • Battery stand
  • Fixed fuel tanks
  • Centre steering console
  • Spud piles
  • Paint in company colours
  • Fully galvanised trailer with winch
  • Larger version 7.30 x 2.55 meter