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Casing Tubes (55 mm)

Gouda-Geo casing tubes meet the highest quality standards. The tube material is manufactured by one of Europe’s leading steel manufacturers according to our own standards.

Casing tubes are generally applied when doing Cone Penetration Tests in unstable soils or working over water or in other situations where the risk of buckling or breaking of the CPT sounding tubes is present through insufficient lateral support. The casing tubes are placed when the CPT string, after having penetrated a soft layer of considerable thickness with little lateral support, hits a much harder layer. The CPT testing procedure is interrupted and the casing tubes are placed. A casing cutting shoe of hardened steel is put on the first casing tube in order to protect the otherwise exposed thread.

The casing tubes are available with 3 different threads, i.e.:

  • GHD single entry rope thread (recommended)
  • GMF type trapezoidal thread
  • Tapered APB type rope thread

Optionally the casing tubes can be supplied with a set of 2 spherical spacers, which will be welded onto the casing tube. Purposely designed for nearshore and offshore CPT testing through large standpipes.

It is also possible to provide the casing tubes with a dummy tip to penetrate hard layers.