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Cordless Water Level Meter

Cordless water level meter

If you are looking for a reliable and easy to use cordless water level meter, we have got the perfect product for you. Gouda Geo-Equipment offer several water level meters with and without temperature indicators, but if you want a product that is even more convenient, we recommend our cordless water level meter.

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Gouda Geo-Equipment is a company and CPT rental that is specialized in geotechnical equipment and methods. Count on our products and services to make any soil investigation a great success. If you have any questions about our products, our team is available 24/7 to support you with their expertise. You can contact us by either calling (0)715 318 475 or sending an email to

  • Trust on our experience as a CPT manufacturer to deliver you only the highest quality equipment. You can use our cordless water level meter to conveniently sensor the water levels in, for example, a storage tank. This geotechnical instrument is, however, fitting for various other jobs as well. Our water level meter is suitable for measuring the water level inside piezometer standpipes with an inner diameter between 25 and 63 mm. Below are the technical specifications of this meter:
    • measuring depth: 20 meters
    • Accuracy: +/- 1 cm
    • Batteries: 2 x AA Alkaline 1.5V ‘penlight type. Never use ‘rechargeable’ batteries
    • Battery life: Up to 5000 measurements
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 255 x 58 x 58 mm
    • Weight: 190 gr (incl. batteries)
    • Material: ABS/PC
    • Ingress protection: IPX4
    • Positioning: Place the cordless water level meter perpendicular on the piezometer standpipe and press the button on top of the device. The water level will be indicated on the LCD screen within 6 seconds.
    • Maintenance: None (except new batteries)
    • Cleaning: With a moist soft cloth. Avoid large amounts of water. Do not submerge.