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Grease Nipple for Tensioning of Crawler Tracks

In order to ensure that tracks last the life time of your machine, they need to be correctly maintained. Not having the correct track tension can cause the tracks to climb off the sprockets and this is a major job to fit again.

Loose tracks can result in damage to the rollers, idlers or track sprockets which will lead to unnecessary expenses and loss in you production.

In order to adjust the tension on the tracks, you require an grease pump and a grease adapter fitting. The track tensioner itself should be equipped with a nipple. Both the adapter and the nipple can be bought from Gouda Geo-Equipment. The prices are as following:

  • Grease nipple for crawler undercarriage  –  price/each: EUR 43.75
  • C-connector for grease gun  –  price/each: EUR 23.75

A general purpose EP2 grease may be used to pump tension into the track cylinder. Pump the track tension cylinder 5 times and then remove grease pump and track machine one length forward and one length back then re-check tension.