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Power Inverters

Power inverters

Power inverters are an important component in geotechnical field operations, providing the necessary conversion from DC to AC power for various applications. Gouda Geo-Equipment’s power inverters, known for their professional quality, feature pure sine wave output, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance with data acquisition systems and a range of electric tools. Designed specifically to meet the demands of geotechnical environments, these inverters utilize high frequency Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology, resulting in compact, high-performance units that guarantee reliability in the field.

Robust and versatile power inverters for field operations

The robust design of our power inverters makes them suitable for nearly any environment, whether onboard a CPT truck, CPT crawler, or used in remote locations. They are quiet, portable, and feature a high current start-up capability, ensuring efficient operation even with high-demand equipment. With built-in protections against short circuit, reverse polarity, and overload, along with automatic load sensing for solar applications, these inverters are engineered for safety and versatility. Each unit comes with CE marking, affirming compliance with European standards, and is accompanied by an extensive instruction manual to facilitate ease of use.

Enhance your geotechnical operations

For geotechnical professionals requiring dependable and efficient power conversion solutions, Gouda-Geo’s power inverters are the ideal choice. Embodying professional quality and engineered for the specific needs of geotechnical instruments, our inverters promise to elevate the performance and reliability of your field operations. Contact us today to discover how our power inverters can streamline your projects, ensuring seamless and effective power supply wherever your work takes you.