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Tools & Lubricants

Always use the right tool for the job. It does not only make working much easier, it also prevents unintended damaging of the equipment. Gouda-Geo has selected a complete range of more-or-less special tools for maintenance and repair of CPT equipment:

Hook spanners with lug for slotted round nuts. Made of vanadium steel 31CrV3, manganese-phosphated.

  • C-spanner – Gedore (D = 16 – 18 mm)
  • C-spanner – Gedore (D = 34 – 36 mm)
  • C-spanner – Gedore (D = 44 – 50 mm)

“Heuer 120” vice with special V-shaped gripping jaws to grip tubes. Corrugated chucks of forged steel highly resistant against wear. Spindle and adjustable guidance are protected against dust. Chuck width 125 mm, opening 160 mm, depth 70 mm.

The previously described vice can also be provided with a sturdy swivelling base enabling the vice to rotate in any desired direction.

Pipe wrench (Swedish type), sturdy design for heavy use, with its head angled at. 85°. Made of drop forged chrome-vanadium steel, featuring hardened teeth additional. The teeth are offset against direction of rotation. Length 580 mm.

Steel wire brush to clean the exterior screw threads of the all sounding tubes and alike. The brush features an untreated wooden handle and 3 rows of cast steel wire bristles.

The cleaning set comprises of a holder and a tapered steel wire brush enabling the user to clean the interior screw threads of sounding tubes easily and effectively.

The cleaning set comprises of a holder (L = 1200 mm) and a tailor-made steel wire brush the user to clean the interior of sounding tubes easily and effectively.

Sturdy street broom with water resistant bristles specially made for tough jobs.

Excellent tool to move ground, gravel or sand. Sturdy design with an untreated wooden handle.

High quality spade with metal scoop and wooden handle. Ideal for making deep small holes or dig a small trench. Easy to sharpen.

Sturdy pounding bar of drop forged steel for opening up pavements, clearing obstacles and alike. Comes with a flat tip and knob on top.

Edelman model with hardened and forged drill-head and fix handle (extendable). Ideal tool for making a pre-drill hole before doing a CPT test or similar.

Set of 6 range poles (length 216 cm) with red-white bands every 50 cm for on-site positioning and surveying.

When placed and used correctly this 2-dimensional level is an excellent tool to level out your penetrometer rig effectively and accurately.

Set of 50 wooden pickets for clearly marking the testing points on the jobsite after surveying.

Measuring tape (length 50 m) in portable frame. The steel measuring tape is covered with a durable PVC coating assuring longevity.

Handy device for measuring long distances quickly and accurately. Measures over 2 km without resetting. Provided with a heavy duty polycast wheel, adjustable curved telescoping handle and black vinyl grip. Capable of measuring curvilinear surfaces. Push button reset.

The equipment Gouda-geo supplies are high-precision measuring instruments. It is really important to take good care of the equipment, maintain them as described in the relevant manuals and always use the right lubricants. We recommend our clients to use the following lubricants and maintenance / cleaning products:

  • Silicone grease (tube 100 g) to assure the water-tightness of the O-rings on the connectors of the CPT sounding cables
  • Cleaning agent for the connectors of the CPT sounding cables (can 200 ml) that do not damage the connector pins
  • Graphite containing anti-seize and lubricating compound (tube 100 gr) for the lubrication of the screw threads of electric cones
  • Spray can with Teflon containing oil the lubricate the pull and push-and-pull clamps