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Training and Instruction

Job instruction and training is a proven technique for teaching new skills and safe, healthful work habits. It also ensures that the operator has much more confidence in what he does and he therefore works faster and more effectively.

All new employees, those transferred to new jobs, and personnel who is not familiar with the kind of soil investigation should receive instruction and training.

Gouda-Geo proposes 3 different kinds of instruction and training:

  • Traineeship during 1 or 2 weeks. The trainee will get a hands-on training by working together with an experienced operator.
  • On-site instruction and commissioning. Gouda-Geo sends over an experienced operator to the job-site who commissions the equipment and trains the client’s whilst working.
  • Full project support. Gouda-Geo provides an experienced operator or team of specialists to do the job for the client. The client provides the staff, who will be thought during the realisation of the project. The main objective is to complete the project, the training is secondary.

Every training and instruction provided by Gouda-Geo feature the same step-by-step structure and procedures are put down in easy-to-read << manuals >> in which each job is described in sequence, noting the safest, most efficient way.

The instruction and training depends on the complexity of the job and the trainee’s previous knowledge and experience. The job is defined and found out what is already known about it. Then it starts by explaining all responsibilities and procedures to the trainee. Furthermore the need for quality, production and safety is emphasized.

The most effective manner of instructing and training a trainee is to demonstrate and explain as one is doing the job. It starts off course by explaining thoroughly all personal safety regulations. The trainee is encouraged to ask questions. Training should reflect intelligent conversation, not a sermon.

The trainee does the job and the instructor (always an experienced CPT operator with years of experience in the field) provides coaching and correct any errors. The prime objective is that the trainee understands.

As the trainee performs the operation, each step is explained, including the reasons “why” things were done. If the trainee makes mistakes, the instructor will explain calmly how to do things right. The way is to work patiently with the trainee until each step is mastered.