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Transport Trolley for Tubes

When you take a stand-alone CPT penetrometer pusher or a LMSR dynamic penetrometer into the field, a load of sounding tubes, tools, instruments and accessories is needed as well. For this reason Gouda-Geo proposes a handy trolley for the transport of all these materials in the field.

The transport trolley is made of steel pipes provided with sustainable powder coating. Features a sturdy base-frame provided with 2 large balloon tires for optimum stability on uneven terrain. The weight distribution is carefully balanced.

The trolley features a stainless steel tube rack composing of 1 fixed tube-tray and 2 foldable trays. It comes complete with a large (99 x 36 x 30 cm) sturdy case made out of sheet steel and provided with a water- and impact-resistant coating.

2 galvanised holders with 4 medium-large (40 x 40 cm) impact resistant support plates for stabilising the rigs in the field. On plates has a 40 mm hole in the centre and could service as a reaction plate for tube pulling procedures.

Storage capacity:

  • Max. 30 tubes with a diameter of 36 mm or
  • Max. 34 tubes with a diameter of 32 mm or
  • Max. 50 tubes with a diameter of 22 mm
  • Weight: 145 kg
  • Dimensions: 210 x 86 x 95 cm
  • Total capacity: 450 kg