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Modular 200 kN Multi-Purpose CPT Platform

Gouda Geo-Equipment BV

For many years we are manufacturing our trusty 200 kN CPT platform. We have decided to modify the design such, that is becomes much more versatile. We found the solution in a modular design. The CPT platform can be used on an excavator, inside a 10” container, on a jack-up barge, on a truck, on a trailer, or on a pedestal.

The heart of the CPT penetrometer platform is the 200 kN CPT penetrometer pusher with CW30 quick coupling (for attachment to an excavator) and 4 twist-locks (for mounting on a truck or jack-up). Additional ballast can be bolted easily to the base of the penetrometer pusher.

The first modular attachment is a working platform; a sturdy frame of galvanised steel with grid floor, handrail all around, stainless steel rack for the storage of CPT tubes and casing tubes, and workbench.

The CPT penetrometer pusher can either be powered by the “3rd function” of the excavator or by a diesel-hydraulic or electro-hydraulic power-pack. These power-packs can as modular units be hooked on to the frame of the 200 kN CPT penetrometer pusher.

The multi-purpose CPT platform can be supplied with a large number of accessories, such as a canopy for the working area made of heavy-duty tarpaulin, an hydraulic catching clamp (integrated in the support beam of the penetrometer pusher) and an hydraulic gripping system for quick lowering and retrieving of CPT tubes and casing tubes when working e.g. over water.

NOTE: Above mentioned multi-purpose CPT penetrometer platform can also be supplied in 350 kN lay-out.