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New: Hand-Pulled 200 kN CPT Penetrometer Set

Gouda Geo-Equipment BV

The 200 kN lightweight CPT penetrometer set is an economical, hand-pulled set with full Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) capabilities. It is suitable for both electrical and mechanical CPT testing.

The design of the CPT penetrometer set was aimed on easy handling in the field, not on compactness. The handles in combination with the balloon-tyres facilitate manoeuvring through marshlands and on embankments. Because of the relatively light weight of the individual elements, the set can be hand-carried easily by 4 men as well.

The CPT penetrometer set comprises the following:

  • Trolley for the transport of 4 ground anchors, 4 extension rods and 3 anchoring beams. Storage capacity for 80 CPT sounding tubes with a length of 500 mm each.
  • A hydraulic power-pack with electrically started Hatz diesel engine. The battery of the power-pack also supplies power for the datalogger and laptop.
  • A lightweight 2-cylinder CPT penetrometer pusher with hand-operated hydraulic valves. Max. pushing force 200 kN, pulling force 260 kN. Stroke 650 mm.
  • Hydraulic wrench for the placing of the ground anchors. Max. torque: 2000 Nm.

All elements are provided with handles for pulling/pushing/carrying and balloon-tyres.