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New: Transport Case for Field Engineer

Gouda Geo-Equipment BV

We recently designed a transport case for easy transportation of anything a geotechnical or environmental field engineer takes with him on a job, like measuring instruments, hand auger drill, soil and water samples, etc.

The case is made of impact resistant, easy to clean polyethylene and comes with 2 balloon tyres, heavy duty twist spring latches and integrated handgrips on both sides. It combines light weight with high strength and durability. The clear red colour makes it easy to spot the case on site.

And who is our lovely model? Her name is Dani and she is the daughter of our colleague Dave and his wife Monique. She is serious and smart and doing her best in school. Perhaps she will be a geotechnician too one day? Only the future will tell. Thanks for posing for us today, Dani! We wish you well.