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AR Thread for 36 mm CPT Tubes

Originally designed in the 1970-ies as a modern version of the standard tapered thread. The mayor advantage was, that the relatively sharp thread was replaced by a much more easier to clean rope thread. The dimensions of the male and female thread are more in balance, making it somewhat stronger than the standard thread.

Dimensions and Characteristics
Available (effective) lengths                          :    1,000, 500 and 300 mm
Outer diameter                                               :    36 mm
Inner diameter                                                :    16 mm
Weight                                                            :    6.5 kg/m
Length of the MALE thread                             :    38.5 mm
Outer thread diameter (top)                             :    23 mm
Outer thread diameter (base)                          :    31 mm
Required number of turns to lock / unlock       :    6.5