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CPT Pulling Clamp 55 mm

When doing CPT tests, it might be necessary to place casing tubes when working in unstable soils or working over water or in other situations where the risk of buckling or breaking of the CPT sounding tubes is present through insufficient lateral support.

The casing tubes are pushed into the soil by means of a << mechanical >> or << electrical measuring head >>. At the end of each test the casing tubes are to be pulled up.

Gouda-Geo developed purposely a pulling clamp for 55 mm casing tubes. The pulling clamp has a pulling capacity of 260 kN and fits in the yoke of a 100 kN as well as a 200 kN CPT penetrometer pusher.

The removable clamping blocks are made of hard metal. The force, applied on the tubes by the clamp, is distributed evenly by the clamping blocks over the gripping area. This guarantees excellent seizing and prevents damaging or deformation of the casing tube.

Pulling casing tubes has eventually become an easy and quick job.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 150 x 144 x 166 mm
  • Weight (total): 14 kg
  • Suitable for: 55 mm casing tubes
  • Centre hole free running diameter: 58 mm
  • Maximum pulling capacity: 260 kN