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GHD Thread for 44 mm CPT Tubes

GHD thread stands for Gouda Heavy Duty thread and has been specially designed by Gouda Geo-Equipment for nearshore cone penetration tests using top-push technique. The thread has many advantages over the threads currently available:

  • Optimal balance between male and female threads
  • Single-entry thread, so much less susceptible to loosening during the CPT process
  • Only 3 revolutions required to close or open
  • Easy to clean with a steelwire brush
  • Closes superbly resulting in a very good resistance to water inflow

Dimensions and Characteristics
Available (effective) lengths                           :    1,000, 500 and 300 mm
Outer diameter                                               :    44.5 mm
Inner diameter                                                :    20 mm
Weight                                                             :    9.7 kg
Length of the MALE thread                             :    45 mm
Outer thread diameter (top)                             :    29.5 mm
Outer thread diameter (base)                          :    37 mm
Required number of turns to lock / unlock       :    4