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QLK/SPL Thread for 36 mm CPT Tubes

By half of the 1990-ies CPT has become more-and-more a highly productive industry. Operators make up to 14 tests of 25 meter per 8-hour shift. Strain-injuries in wrists and elbows are becoming a real issue and the industry asks for a newly designed thread. This resulted in the Quick-Lock thread (also called Speed-Lock thread).

The main advantages are the number of turns required to lock / unlock (only 2.5 turns), the improved strength of the thread (over 40% stronger than the STANDARD thread) and the relative ease to clean it.

Dimensions and Characteristics
Available (effective) lengths                          :    1,000, 500 and 300 mm
Outer diameter                                              :    36 mm
Inner diameter                                               :    16 mm
Weight                                                           :    6.5 kg/m
Length of the MALE thread                           :    37.5 mm
Outer thread diameter (top)                           :    25 mm
Outer thread diameter (base)                        :    30 mm
Required number of turns to lock / unlock     :    2.5