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Set of 6 Range Poles

A range pole, also called a range rod or ranging rod, is a round red-white stick with a steel tip used in surveying.

A range pole serves to make spots on the ground clearly visible and to ensure that they lie, as it were, in one plane, the field of view of the surveyor. With these points one should think of the beginning and end of a measuring line and the intersection of lines, for example the extension of walls and the measuring line. A jalon must therefore be place perpendicular to the earth. This can be done with the help of a 2-dimension level, also called a jalon adjuster.

Range poles are (effectively) 2 meters long and are painted with alternating red and white stripes. These sections have a length of 50 cm. Range poles have either a red or a white head. There is a metal tip at the bottom.

Description in Other Languages

ENG: Set of 6 range poles (L = 216 cm) with red-white bands every 50 cm
NL: Set van 6  jalons (L = 216 cm) met rood-witte verdeling iedere 50 cm
D: Satz von 6 Jalons (L = 216 cm) mit rot-weiße Unterteilung jeder 50 cm
FR: Lot de 6 jalons d’arpentage (L = 216 cm) avec une graduation en blanc et rouge chaque 50 cm
IT: Set di 6 paline topografice (L = 216 mm) con una suddivisione bianco-rosso ogni 50 cm
PL: Tyczka geodezyjna (L = 216 cm) z biało-czerwonymi paskami co 50 cm  –  zestaw 6 sztuk
ESP: Jalón de agrimensor (L = 216 cm) con una división en blanco y rojo cada 50 cm – Juego de 6 unidades
PT: Baliza de ferro (L = 216 cm) com divisão branco-vermelho cada 50 cm  –  Jogo de 6