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Stainless Steel Storage Rack

Stainless steel storage rack

A stainless steel storage rack is meticulously designed to optimize the storage and handling of CPT sounding and casing tubes, ensuring ease of use for operators. The robust construction of stainless steel prevents corrosion and extends the lifespan of the rack. Featuring four trays, each capable of holding 10 CPT sounding tubes, these racks are engineered for efficiency and accessibility. The innovative design includes a fixed lower tray and three foldable trays with a hinge-construction, eliminating the hassle of handling detachable parts and streamlining the storage process.

Maximizing capacity and utility with a stainless steel storage rack

These stainless steel storage racks not only provide ample space for CPT tubes but also accommodate up to 16 casing tubes of 1 meter in length conveniently under the trays. This design maximizes storage capacity while maintaining a compact footprint. Additionally, the rack includes a specialized compartment with a raised edge, equipped with three boxes made of galvanized steel, perfect for storing essential accessories like friction reducers and mechanical cones. This thoughtful design ensures that all necessary equipment is organized and readily accessible.

Ease of access and preparation for testing

The stainless steel storage rack also features a dedicated support, facilitating easy storage and quick access to the first tube assembly between CPT tests. This practical addition enhances workflow efficiency, allowing operators to prepare and store the first sounding tube with its friction reducer and cone effortlessly, ready for immediate use in subsequent tests.

Optimize your geotechnical operations

Invest in stainless steel storage racks to revolutionize the way you store and access your geotechnical equipment. Our racks are designed with the needs of CPT operators in mind, offering durability, efficiency, and organizational excellence. Don’t let storage challenges hinder your operations. Enhance your workflow and protect your equipment with the top-of-the-line stainless steel storage rack solutions from Gouda Geo-Equipment. Contact us today to learn more about how our storage racks can benefit your geotechnical projects and streamline your operational processes.