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Stainless Steel Storage Rack

Much attention has been given to the storage of both CPT sounding and casing tubes and to make sure that the CPT operator can handle them easily and affectively.

The tube storage rack is made of stainless stain (to avoid corrosion) and has 4 trays with a storage capacity of 10 CPT sounding tubes each. The lower tray is fixedly mounted, the other three are foldable by means of a hinge-construction (so no handling detachable trays no more).

Up to 16 casing tubes of 1 meter length can be stored conveniently underneath the trays.

Additionally a compartment with raised edge is provided with 3 boxes made of galvanised steel for the storage of e.g. friction reducersmechanical cones etc.

A support is provided for easy storage of the first tube assembly (i.e. the first sounding tube with friction reducer and cone) between 2 CPT tests.