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STD Thread for 36 mm CPT Tubes

This thread is called STANDARD, since it has been used by the CPT industry since the 1950-ies. Originally designed by Delft Geotechnics it was eventually adopted by all manufacturers of CPT equipment. Its advantage is that it is the world standard. It does not feature the advantages of its modern counterparts.

Dimensions and Characteristics
Available (effective) lengths                           :    1,000, 500 and 300 mm
Outer diameter                                               :    36 mm
Inner diameter                                                :    16 mm
Weight                                                            :    6.5 kg/m
Length of the MALE thread                            :    39 mm
Outer thread diameter (top)                            :    19.5 mm
Outer thread diameter (base)                         :    28.5 mm
Required number of turns to lock / unlock      :    7