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CPT-Office Software for Processing and Interpretation

CPT-Office is a purposely developed highly efficient software package with the following functionalities:

  • Processing and reviewing the CPT data
  • Presentation of the CPT data in graphs
  • Interpretation of CPT data and soil classification based on Robertson & Campanella
  • Reporting

Years of experience in the CPT branch provided us the tools to make this application fulfill the demands and wishes of the geotechnical professional. CPT-Office is intended for:

  • Companies who do Cone Penetration Tests
  • Engineering and consultancy companies
  • Project developers and project owners

CPT-Office is based on Microsoft Windows® technology and updated regularly to meet the demands of the industry and to comply with the latest international standards for cone penetration testing.

The CPT-Office software has the following functionalities:

  • Database structure allows for easy managing of your CPT projects
  • The user interface is easy and self-exploratory
  • Extended and self-explaining help functionalities, in which the functionalities and applied calculation formulas are documented
  • Visualization of dissipation tests in graphs
  • Multiple filter and correction functionalities
  • Comments can be incorporated in the graphs by the geotechnician processing the data
  • Multiple language options. Standard language available: English, French, German and Dutch
  • Other languages can be incorporated on request
  • Individual CPT’s or complete projects can be downloaded and processed simultaneously; parameters like project data, ground level, coordinates and water table can be added to the data
  • the user can select geotechnically relevant derived parameters to be plotted. Among others the equivalent SPT N60 values, relative density, internal friction angle and un-drained shear strength are calculated and presented in a professional lay-out
  • CPT data can be presented in tables or in graphs
  • All CPT(U) data can be edited freely; the raw data files remain untouched
  • Different kinds of graphs; international and Dutch way of presenting the CPT test results
  • Personalizing of CPT graphs, like company details and incorporation of company logo
  • Graphs and colors can be selected by the user
  • Integrated project administration facilitates to upload previously saved tests
  • Possibility to enlarge or compress graphs
  • Graphic presentation of the cone resistance (qc), local sleeve friction (fs), inclination (X & Y), pore pressure (P), temperature (T), magnetometer, etc.  vs. depth (corrected for the inclination)

CPT-Office supports a wide range of instruments used for Cone Penetration Testing:

  • Electrical CPT cones (both compression and subtraction type)
  • Piezocones (both compression and subtraction type)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Magcone magnetometer
  • Electric measuring heads for mechanical CPT
  • Manually recorded CPT data (read from an hydraulic measuring head)

CPT-Office can handle Gouda-Geo / Geopoint / GME output data formats and standardized GEF format. Other formats, like APB Gorilla®, can be converted easily using CPT-Converter software. This makes CPT-Office a truly versatile software package for the CPT industry.

The data processed by CPT-Office can be exported in the following output formats:

  • GEF format for further processing
  • Microsoft Excel
  • PDF
  • JPEG format.
  • Graphs
  • Reports

The system requirements for the CPT-Office software are as following:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows® 8, XP or Vista recommended
  • Intel® Pentium or AMD processor of at least 500 MHz
  • 256MB RAM internal memory (512MB RAM recommended)
  • Graphical display card with support for 1024 x 768 x 32-bit color
  • Inkjet or laser printer for printing functionality

The CPT-Office software is in accordance with all national and international standards for CPT testing, such as NEN 3680, NEN 5140, DIN 4094-1, NF P94-113, ISO/DIS 22476, Eurocode 7, ISSMGE standard, ASTM D 3441-86, ASTM D 5778-95, etc.

Just contact the sales department of Gouda Geo-Equipment and you will receive a fully functional (no limitations whatsoever) trial version of CPT-Office with a license that is valid for 10 weeks. This would give you ample of time to determine if CPT-Office is the CPT processing software for your company.

The CPT-Office software is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. The software does require one single investment; so no annual license fees. All future updates are free of charge. Discount is possible when multiple licenses are purchased.