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CPT-Pro Software for Presentation and Interpretation

The processing software CPT-Pro forms the newly designed and Microsoft Windows based CPT data processing, interpretation and presentation software for all your CPT related office tasks. The user friendly program structure is project oriented and provides, amongst other features, the possibility to edit project variables such as ground level, coordinates and water table in one simple step.

Several individual CPT files or complete project files can be opened and processed simultaneously. All windows can be arranged according to the user’s preferences. Dissipation plots, showing the pore pressure development and corresponding cone resistance versus time (logarithmic scale), are easily integrated. Data can be viewed as tables and graphic plots and all CPT data can be edited freely while the raw data files remain untouched. The user can switch between various languages (e.g. English, Dutch, German and more to follow), both for the program readings and for the plot versions.

The data import format can either be of the classic Geopoint format or the standardised GEF format. The processed data can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel or as ASCII, PDF and JPEG format. The manual input of CPT data allows also for a comfortable file generation of visually recorded mechanical CPT results.

Besides the measured parameters the user can select relevant derived geotechnical parameters to be presented, such as the equivalent SPT N60 values, relative density, internal friction angle and undrained shear strength. These parameters are automatically calculated and presented in a professional lay-out. Various filter and correction functions allow for individual data treatment and graphical presentation. The user can define whether the recorded penetration depth should be corrected for the measured inclination. All functions and applied calculation formulas are well documented in an on-line help file.

A soil classification based on both friction ratio and pore pressure ratio (according to Robertson & Campanella) is presented as coloured soil bars.

Settings for the scaling, header information as well as the print options can be modified individually or applied for all opened CPT files or projects.

The clients company logo can easily be integrated as bitmap file.