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Inner Rods for Mechanical CPT

All Gouda-Geo CPT sounding tubes are suitable for mechanical cone penetration testing (in short CPTm or mCPT). The key characteristic of mechanical CPT is the fact that the reaction forces encountered by the mechanical cone are transferred to the measuring head by means of so-called inner rods.

These rods can move freely without any obstruction inside the CPT sounding tubes. The rods are manufactured out of specially selected tool steel. The rods have an outer diameter 15 mm.

  • Inner rod for mechanical CPT (15 x 1000 mm)
  • Inner rod for mechanical CPT (15 x 500 mm)
  • Inner rod for mechanical CPT (15 x 300 mm)

ENG: Inner rod for mechanical CPT
NL: Binnenstang t.b.v. mechanisch sonderen
D: Innenstange für mechanisches Sondieren
FR: Tige interne pour sondage mécanique
IT: Asta interna per prove penetrometriche statiche meccaniche CPT
PL: Żerdź do stożków mechanicznych CPT
ESP: Varilla interior para ensayos de penetración estáticos mecánicos
PT: Haste interna para ensaios de penetração de cone mecânico (15 x 1000 mm)