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Mechanical Jacket Cone (M1 Type)

The jacket cone (also called the M1 cone or mantel type cone) is used for mechanical cone penetration testing and is suitable for measuring the cone resistance (qc) and the total resistance (qt).

Manufactured out of specially selected tool steel, hardened and tempered. Replacement parts can be ordered separately (see underneath).

The mechanical jacket cone is suitable for mechanical continuous and discontinuous CPT testing in accordance with the relevant national and international standards.

  • Thread of endpiece: Female STD tapered thread, female QLK double-entry rope thread or female AR tapered rope thread
  • Overall length: 250 mm
  • Section area of conical tip: 1,000 mm²
  • Apex angle of conical tip: 60º
  • Weight: 1,100 gr
  • Stroke: 70 mm
  • Maximum load on cone-pin: 70 kN

ENG: Jacket cone (M1 or mantel type)
NL: Mantelconus (type M1)
D: Mantelspitze (M1 oder Mantel-Typ)
FR: Cône à jupe (type simple / M1)
IT: Cono a mantello (modello M1)
PL: Stozek w osłonie kompletny (typ M1 lub Mantel)
ESP: Cono a falda (tipo simple / M1)
PT: Cone de saia (tipo M1 ou casaco)