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Mixer / Injector on Wheels

A very handy, hand-pulled and easy-to-operate mixer / injector on robust pneumatic wheels. Driven by a four stroke gasoline engine with manual recoil starting system or by an hydraulic motor. Suitable for the mixing and injection of cement grout or cement/bentonite mixture for the filling of boreholes or CPT holes.

The mixing of the cement with water takes place in the vortex of the mixing vessel as well as by the pump itself. By means of an Irex coupling the armoured injection hose (D = 25 mm) is connected to the unit. A manually operated lever allows the operator to adjust the flow of the grout while injecting.

The unit is to be cleaned thoroughly using plain tap water after use. The mixing vessel and the pump are to be flushed by means of the valve and scour vent.

  • Length: 1200 mm
  • Width: 650 mm
  • Height: 1250 mm
  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton (6.5 HP), petrol
  • Mixing capacity: One 35 kg bag of cement per charge
  • Water dosage: 12 to 25 litres of water per bag of cement (depends on what the grout is used for)
  • Average injection speed: 15 litres/min
  • Maximum injection pressure: 3 bar
  • Fill the mixing vessel with the required quantity of water
  • Turn on the petrol engine
  • Add the entire bag of cement to the water in the mixing vessel
  • Mix the grout for about 2 to 3 minutes
  • If necessary, add some more bentonite or water
  • Mix until the grout has the right consistency for the application
  • Inject the grout
  • Clean the machine thoroughly using plain tap water