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Sounding Rods for DPT and SPT

The sounding rods are used during Dynamic Penetration Testing (DPT) and Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) to hammer the sounding tips into the ground by means of a dynamic penetrometer rig. Gouda-Geo DPT and SPT sounding rods meet the highest quality standards. The rod material is manufactured by one of Europe’s leading steel manufacturers according to our own “Gouda-Geo” standards. No distinction whatsoever is made between rods for DPL (10 kg), DPM (30 kg), DPH (50 kg) or SPT (63.5 kg). All rods are suitable for any type of test. It is recommended though to use 22 mm rods for DPL only.

During production every single rod is checked automatically by means of sensors integrated in the lathe machine in order to comply with all national and international standards.

The DPT and SPT sounding rods are provided with a clearly visible depth marking every 100 mm and available in 3 different sizes:

  • Sounding rod (1000 x 22 mm)
  • Threaded nipple (stud) M16 x 50
  • Sounding rod (1000 x 32 mm)
  • Threaded nipple (stud) M20 x 60
  • Sounding rod (1000 x 36 mm)
  • Threaded nipple (stud) M22 x 70

The DPT and SPT sounding rods are interconnected by means of threaded nipples. Plane surfaces at both ends of each rod ensure easy locking by means of spanners. The rods feature the following advantages:

  • Rods are light-weight and therefore easy to handle
  • Rods meet the weight restrictions as described in the ISO 22476-2 standard (replaces DIN 4094-3)
  • Rods have high degree of straightness
  • Hammering surfaces are perfectly plane
  • The threaded nipples do not suffer from blows

The above assures a longevity of the rods. The nipples supplied are of high-quality steel and have socket heads for Allen key.