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Standpipe for Nearshore CPT Testing

The standpipe 200mm

The standpipe 200mm is a pivotal component in the field of geotechnical engineering, offering a robust solution for soil testing and groundwater monitoring. With its considerable diameter, this standpipe allows for the efficient insertion of testing equipment and collection of accurate subsurface data. Constructed to withstand rigorous field conditions, the standpipe 200mm ensures reliable performance in a variety of soil types and environments.

The role of a standpipe 200mm in testing of instruments

The standpipe 200mm plays a crucial role in nearshore Cone Penetration Testing (CPT), serving as the primary casing to facilitate the operation of CPT casing, sounding tubes, and potential drill-strings. Its proper installation is essential for ensuring the integrity of the testing process. To minimize tidal impact, the optimal placement of the standpipe 200mm is during neap tide, ensuring stability and vertical alignment. This standpipe, essential for nearshore geotechnical assessments, must be securely lowered and anchored into the seabed to withstand tidal and wave actions, thereby maintaining the accuracy and reliability of the CPT data collected.

Technical specifications and installation of the standpipe 200mm

The standpipe 200mm, with its outer diameter of 225mm and inner diameter of 200mm, is designed to sink several meters into the seabed under its own weight, a factor that must be meticulously checked against water depth and deck elevation to ensure proper placement. Utilizing our durable aluminium workboats as a stable platform for deploying the standpipe, enables geotechnical professionals to conduct precise groundwater investigations. To prevent displacement by tidal or wave forces, it’s equipped with a hydraulic holding clamp, securing it firmly in place. Available in 25-meter total lengths with various segment options, the standpipe piezometers allow for customized assembly tailored to specific water depths at the testing site, facilitating precise and effective CPT operations.

Ensure precision in your CPT operations

For geotechnical professionals conducting nearshore CPT tests, the standpipe 200mm is an indispensable geotechnical instrument for achieving accurate and reliable results. Our standpipe systems are designed with the highest standards of quality and precision, ensuring your testing processes are both effective and efficient. Contact us today to learn more about how our standpipe 200mm can enhance your geotechnical operations, providing the stability and reliability necessary for comprehensive soil analysis and investigation.