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Hand Pulled DPT and SPT Sounding Rigs

The hand pulled dynamic penetrometer rigs of the LMSR series are either driven by a gasoline engine, an electric motor or by a hydraulic motor.

The base machine (versions LMSR-Vk/Ek/Hk) is capable of doing light (DPL 10 kg), medium heavy (DPM 30 kg) and heavy (DPH 50 kg) dynamic penetration tests according to ISO 22476-2 (replaces DIN 4094-3).

The LMSR-SPT version is also capable of doing SPT type dynamic penetration tests according to ASTM D1586 and ASTM D4633. All versions are also capable of taking soil samples.

In order to simplify the transport, all penetrometers of the LMSR series are provided with a foldable mast and a set of wheels. The drop weight assembly comprises of a fix-mounted basic drop weight of 10 kg and additional 20 kg elements (2 units) and one 13.5 kg element. Every machine is provided with a mechanical blow counter, a winch, a hammer head, 3 support plates and a tool set.

  • Version LMSR-Vk: Honda GX100
  • Version LMSR-Ek: Electric motor 230 Vac
  • Version LMSR-Hk: Hydraulic motor
  • Version LMSR-SPT: Honda GX100

Total height (folded): 1450 mm
Total height (standing up): 2600 mm

  • Version LMSR-Vk/Ek/Hk: 500 mm
  • Version LMSR-SPT: 500 and 750 mm (selectable)
  • Basic drop weight: 10 kg for DPL tests according to ISO 22476-2
  • Basic drop weight + 20 kg: 30 kg for DPM tests according to ISO 22476-2
  • Basic drop weight + 40 kg: 50 kg for DPH tests according to ISO 22476-2
  • Basic drop weight + 53.5 kg: 63.5 kg for SPT tests according to ASTM D1586 and AFNOR-B

Number of blows : Adjustable from 15 to 25 blows per minute

NOTE: There is also a special version with a mounting frame in order to install it semi-perminently on either a tractor, drill rig or excavator. It is driven by a hydraulic motor and makes use of the hydraulic power genenrated by the machine it is mounted on.